Upcoming SRU Workshops 9/16 & 9/17

by Sarah Prosory 16. September 2010 11:10

The week has flown by fast! Here's a listing of what workshops are still available for you to attend this week:

For Lawyering Process 1 students: Introduction to Westlaw & Lexis

  • Thursday 9/16 @ Noon
  • Thursday 9/16 @ 7:40pm
  • Friday 9/17 @ Noon
  • Friday 9/17 @ 1pm
  • Friday 9/17 @ 3pm

For all students: Scholarly Writing:Research Sources and Bluebooking

Writing an AWR? Review research sources and The Bluebook! We'll go over databases such as HeinOnline and LegalTrac.

  • Friday, 9/17 @ 2pm

All workshops are held in the Law Library Computer Lab located on the 2nd floor of the tower.

To RSVP visit: www.phoenixlaw.edu/librarycalendar

Civil Procedure Current Awareness- Keep Up with the Latest!

by Ted McClure 15. September 2010 17:43

Trying to keep up with Civil Procedure? Puzzled by Twombly and Iqbal? Take a look at these great blawgs:

And for the best on Twombly and Iqbal,

Yes, this blog is about products liability. But it has the clearest discussions of the “new pleading”.

Here are two ejournals that you can get through SSRN - the Social Science Research Network:

  • Federal Courts & Jurisdiction eJournal
  • Litigation & Procedure eJournal (found under “Litigation, Procedure & Dispute Resolution eJournals”)

Lots of brand-new articles on civil procedure. To access these ejournals on SSRN, register for an account at http://ssrn.com. Use your @phoenixlaw.edu email address. For help, see the video at http://ssrn.com/update/general/ssrn_faq.html#subscrDemo. Once your account is set up, you will get an email with instructions for registration and subscribing to journals. The first time you go to your SSRN start page, it will ask you to enter your email address. Hit the "Submit" button, and your User ID and Password will be emailed to you in seconds. Input your ID and Password, and you are on your way.

You can also set up alerts on bepress (use “Courts”, “Jurisdiction”, and “Practice and Procedure”), Westlaw, and Lexis.

With all these goodies, you should be well out in front.

Ted McClure, Faculty Services Law Librarian

Closed Case Legal Research: using the National Archives

by Rob 15. September 2010 15:38

Federal case files that are closed are transferred from the Courts to the National Archive. From the 1960s onwards, regional archives store transcripts, pleadings, exhibits, dockets, and any other proceedings from the Federal Courts of Appeal, Bankruptcy Court, Civil and Criminal Courts.

Arizona Federal case files are stored at the National Archive center in Riverside, CA. For a fee anything can be obtained and delivered to the legal researcher. You can also gumshoe your way to Riverside to access the case archive in person. This same system is administered by the National Archives nationally so closed case files from any jurisdiction can be accessed.

See NARA Info: http://www.archives.gov/pacific/frc/riverside/court-records  

Here is an example of legal research not typically conducted online, but some of these documents are being scanned and added to databases like Westlaw.  





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Holistic Law

by Rob 8. September 2010 16:31

Holistic Law

Think that legal practice must be confrontational?

Alternative approaches include holistic law, a tradition that teaches lawyers to be helpers and healers. There is an International Association with focus on prevention and collaboration rather than confrontation. Holistic law and closely related themes such as therapeutic justice and restorative justice are discussed by Wright in the book Lawyers as Peacemakers (2010).  

For more information, the book Lawyers as Peacemakers is in the PSL Library.



Library Workshops for Week of September 6th 2010

by Sarah Prosory 3. September 2010 17:20

Hello everyone!

Here is a listing of events the law library is conducting for the week of September 6th, 2010:

Monday 9/6/10:
    Library CLOSED!

Tuesday 9/7/10:
    Noon, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    3pm, LP2: Court Documents
    4:30pm, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    5:50pm, Mini SRU: Library Catalog

Wednesday 9/8/10:
    11:50am, Mini SRU: Library Catalog   
    Noon, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    5pm, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    6pm, LP2: Court Documents
Thursday 9/9/10:
    11:50am, Mini SRU: Library Catalog
    Noon, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    3pm, LP2: Court Documents
    4:30pm, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    7:40pm, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources

Friday 9/10/10:
    11am, LP2: Court Documents
    Noon, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    1pm, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources
    2pm, LP2: Court Documents
    3pm, LP1 SRU Workshop: Secondary Sources

Please visit our workshop calendar to RSVP (no RSVP needed for the Mini SRUs). For descriptions of these workshops, click here.

Questions? Call (602) 682-6898.

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