How Google Works

by Rob 17. November 2010 12:03

How Google Works.

Infographic by the Pay Per Click Blog


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In Custodia Legis, A Blog from the Law Library of Congress

by Sarah Prosory 16. November 2010 17:00

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The Law Library of Congress is blogging! Since August 2nd 2010, the In Custodia Legis blog has provided some excellent blog posts about legal trends and current issues, pictures of the Law Library of Congress, government use of technology, and naturally stuff about Congress. The tone and humor of the blog is wonderful! I promise it will hold your attention and not put you to sleep!

The title of their blog, In Custodia Legis, is Latin for "in the custody of the law." Read more about the blog and its bloggers here.

A post from today particularly caught my eye, titled "When Legal Systems Collide: The Case of the 'Honeymoon Killer'". I am fascinated by this story, and will definitely be back to read the blogger's insights about the case. It is so wonderful to get a brief summary of what is going on as well as questions the blogger has pondered. And of course, links out to source documents are especially helpful if I have interest in reading more.

Hopefully you too will find the In Custodia Legis blog to be intriguing as well!

Arizona Constitution Day

by Rob 16. November 2010 11:30

This is the 100th anniversary of the Arizona Constitution. On December 2nd Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and our own Professor Willrich will speak among others at Steele Indian School Park across the street from Phoenix School of Law. See:

Finals--Choose to Manage Your Stress

by Library 15. November 2010 13:47

In just a few weeks, law students will be starting their final exams. As finals approach, stress levels tend to rise. I decided to do some searching in Westlaw for articles that may provide tips for stress management. My terms & connectors search (stress /3 relief & "law students" & exam!) retrieved 28 articles in the Journals & Law Reviews (JLR) directory.

One interesting, short article written by a law student at Washburn listed the following techniques to help with stress management: positive thinking, exercise, focusing on the long-term goal, laughter, camaraderie, and even avoiding negative people and the negative consequences of harmful stress management. Pamela Taylor, Stress Relief, J. Kan. B. Ass'n, Oct. 2009, at 14.

The author suggests releasing worry by first explaining the worry and then brainstorming for solutions. For this author, utilizing this technique helped her raise her grades one grade in almost all of her classes during her second semester in law school. Perhaps this one page article would be worth reading!



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Happy Veterans Day 2010!

by PSL Law Library 11. November 2010 13:06

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A huge thank you to all of our Veterans out there! We appreciate your service to our country!

In honor of Veteran's Day, here are a bunch of interesting resources for your perusal:

Or if you're more visual... here's a short video about the history of Veterans Day from

Enjoy your day!

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