LexisNexis AWR Workshop on Tuesday

by Sarah Prosory 3. January 2013 08:43

Are you writing a paper to satisfy your AWR requirement? Need a little extra help finding a topic and/or locating supporting materials?

Attend the Major Papers Workshop next Tuesday, January 8th 2013 from 3:50 – 4:30PM in classroom 1815 and learn how Lexis can help you locate a topic and find supporting secondary materials, new sources, statutes, and bills.

Pizza will be served! RSVP here to reserve your spot.

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Happy Holidays From Your Law Library!

by Sarah Prosory 14. December 2012 08:36


Stop by the Law Library for a picture with the law book holiday tree!

 It's a holiday stack! We've trimmed up a "tree" for the holidays! :)

The Phoenix Law Library Staff wishes you a safe and blissful holiday break! Get some much needed rest & relaxation! Best of luck for those who have finals today and tomorrow, you're almost done!! Congratulations to those who are graduating!

Love Your Law Library,

Alison, Christy, Gretchen, Kristin, Lidia, Lynn, Michelle, Sarah, Tara, Tim, & Yvette!

Cats and the Commerce Clause

by PSL Law Library 11. December 2012 14:44

Cats substantially impact interstate commerce according to a recent 13 page opinion by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling discussed by the ABA Journal. The court ruled that the cats living at author Ernest Hemingway's museum/home are subject to federal regulation.  In Constitutional Law, law students learn that the Commerce Clause regulates instruments, channels, and things (including cats?) that substantially impact commerce.  The cats are the offspring of the author's famous six-toed cat, Snowball.  Judge Dubina, writing for the majority, reasoned that the presence of the cats draws people to the museum as an exhibition.  Thus, they are an important part of the museum's commercial activity and therefore subject to regulation by Congress.

If you are interested in learning more about constitutional law, take a look in the library catalog.  Or, stop by the Legal Research Help Desk for assistance with formulating a research strategy. 



Studying for Finals? Don't Forget CALI!

by Sarah Prosory 11. December 2012 13:37

Hi Students!

While the law library does have many study aid options for you to use, we want to highlight one more, which you may have used for a class already... CALI!

Check out the lists of lessons they have. Take the lessons as many times as you need to!

And once you're done with finals, you can use CALI to get a head start on your upcoming classes for Spring!

If you need to register for CALI, please see our YouTube video for instructions.

Click here for access to the student CALI authorization code (you'll need to log-in to Juristec to view it).


Good luck with finals!


by Lynn 5. December 2012 11:59



Just in time for the holidays-



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