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by Michelle Vallance 29. March 2013 10:12

Editing And Writing With Style Via The AWR Display

by Yvette Brown 28. March 2013 13:46


Edit like a Maestro by checking out our AWR Display!  Ever wonder whether to capitalize or not capitalize?   Is your memory a tad bit foggy about grammar or punctuation rules?   Do you flip a coin to choose between which or that?  If you answered yes, our PSL Law Library is the go to place for style manuals and other writing resources.

Style manuals set the “standards” for writing.  The manuals answer questions about punctuation, word usage, capitalization, italics, underling, document design, plurals, possessives, and other writing conventions.

Plus, all of the style manuals and other writing resources in the AWR Display are available for check-out.  So, consult one of more of these handy writing resources before you turn in your motion, AWR, or other documents.

Bryan Garner, The Elements of Legal Style

Bryan Garner, The Redbook:  A Manual on Legal Style

Anne Enquist & Laurel Oates, Just Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style for the Legal Writer            

Black’s Law Dictionary (9th ed.) (WestlawNext) 

Merriam-Webster Online: Dictionary and Thesaurus

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2012) (free e-book)

The AWR Display is conveniently located by the Legal Research Help Desk. 

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The Catalog: Narrowing With Facets

by PSL Law Library 27. March 2013 14:33



Conducting a search in the catalog can produce an overwhelming amount of results.  The good news is that these results can be narrowed by selecting facets.  Facets are located on the left side of the screen and allow the user to narrow by areas such as format, location and publication date.  These are just three of the many facets you can select.  A user can narrow by one or more facets at the same time.  I ran a search on adoption which returned 228 results.  I decided to narrow my results by electronic format and records that had my search term in the subject.  I now have 14 results, which is much more manageable.  Next time you conduct a search in the catalog use facets to find more pertinent results.

The case challenging DOMA

by Lidia Koelbel 27. March 2013 13:41

The case is U.S. V. Windsor.  Do you know the facts?  Read the parties' briefs on WestlawNext.

Brief for Plaintiff-Appellee

Brief for Defendant-Appellant

Also, see many other Amicus Curiae briefs and the Petition for Writ of Certiorari. 

Once logged in to WestlawNext, select "Briefs" from the "All Content" tab on the homepage.

Type the search string "US v. Windsor & DOMA."

Windsor is being reviewed along with Hollingsworth v. Perry, a challenge to California's Proposition 8.

How do you think these cases will be decided?  What was the legislative intent?

Will they actually reach a decision on the merits - under Equal Protections, 10th Amendment state police power, dismissed for lack of standing?



Read the slip opinions below:

United States v. Windsor

Hollingsworth v. Perry

Workshops This Week: One New, One Tried and Blue

by Michelle Vallance 23. March 2013 16:00



Bluebook Basics, our most popular workshop will be offered on Tuesday March 26th (Noon-1pm) in the Library Teaching Lab, Room 1337. Geared toward the practitioner—review how to cite cases and statutes, use parentheticals, and Id. Also, come to us with any questions you have about Bluebooking and we will do our best to help you find the answer!

Our new workshop Advanced Research Techniques will take place on Wednesday March 27th (Noon-1pm)  in the Library Teaching Lab, Room 1337. Writing a motion?  Learn about the most important legal resources for effective, on-point research.

Can't make it this week? The Law Library will be offering workshops on many different topics throughout the semester. Take a look at our library workshops page to view a list of workshop descriptions and a link to the workshop calendar.

Don’t forget the Library now offers legal research instruction tailored for your study group! Any group of 5 or more can order a custom session.  To request a session, complete this form.

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