The Catalog Isn't Just for Call Numbers

by PSL Law Library 28. February 2013 15:10



Most patrons think of the Catalog as a resource to find a call number for a book located on a shelf.  While this is still the case the Catalog has so much more to offer.  A simple search on Adoption produced records with links to resources in databases like Lexis, HeinOnline, and Westlaw.  Records for additional electronic formats include websites that are both useful and credible.  Over 50,000 articles were located; an advanced search should be done to narrow results.  Finally, five eBooks and over 60 print books were found. 

The next time you begin a research project you may want to start with the Catalog.  You never know what you’ll find! 

(Image from Catalog)

Where Can You Research Your Paper While Brewing A Little Beer?

by Yvette Brown 28. February 2013 11:56

Our Arizona State Library web page is the place to go!  All Arizona residents have to do is type their zip code and select Academic Search Complete database for over 6,100 full-text interdisciplinary periodicals – on everything under the sun.   Then after finishing your research, you may want to try Beer & Wine Making in the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center or visit the Home Improvement Reference Center.

But, before you start sampling your home brew, check out our PSL Library’s ProQuest Research Library database.  Located in the drop-down menu on the PSL Library’s Website under Library Databases, it contains thousands of interdisciplinary journals on a wide variety of subjects.  ProQuest has a little something for everyone.

Remember off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your name and library bar code (located on the back of your school id).

Don’t forget to stop by the Legal Research Help Desk to learn more about other interdisciplinary resources.  Or, we can chat about the fabulous Aztec Purse pattern I downloaded on my ipad from the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center!

Better yet, borrow an ipad at the Circulation Desk and download your AWR interdisciplinary research!


Workshops This Week - Another Doubleheader for Legal Research

by Michelle Vallance 25. February 2013 14:17





I’ve graduated.  Now what?  How do I afford research? Come find out at our workshop titled Real World Research, this Tuesday, February 26th, from noon-1pm in Classroom 1337. Learn about the most important legal resources for research, including those that are free, which are essential for legal practice.  Discover an affordable alternative to Westlaw and Lexis – FastCase. FastCase provides access to a variety of legal resources including cases, statutes, and secondary sources.

Are you a first semester 1L interested in the basics of legal research?  Come to our Introduction to Legal Research workshop, this Thursday, February 28th, from noon-1pm in Classroom 1535, where you'll discover how to navigate Westlaw and Lexis in order to find reliable authority.

Can't make it this week? The Law Library will be offering workshops on many different topics throughout the semester. Take a look at our library workshops page to view a list of workshop descriptions and a link to the workshop calendar.

Legal Reasoning Skills Need a Little Fine-Tuning?

by Yvette Brown 22. February 2013 10:30


Enhance your legal reasoning skills with a quick click of your mouse on our West Study Aids Subscription.

Shapo's Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success, 3d 

Legal Reasoning (pages 63 - 75)

 --Inductive Reasoning (page 63)

 --Synthesizing Cases (page 65)

 --Exceptions to Rules (or New Rules) (page 67)

 --Applying General Rules: Deduction (page 68)

 --Reasoning By Analogy (page 70)

 --Distinguishing Cases (page 72)

 --Alternative Arguments (page 73)

 --Being Relevant (page 74)

 --The Use of Hypotheticals (page 75)

 And don’t forget that old adage “practice makes perfect.”  So give your newly enhanced analytical skills a test run with the Acing Series.   Acing provides a checklist of questions to ask when analyzing an issue and each chapter contains sample essay questions.


AWR TIP: The" Key" to Library Databases

by Alison Ewing 20. February 2013 15:23

Tried Googling HeinOnline or ProQuest and can’t get in? Want to search FastCase but don’t have the password it requests?

The BEST way to access those and all the other fabulous library databases for your AWR paper is to go to the Library’s website  and click on the drop down menu below Library Databases.

When you go through the library’s website and are on campus you won’t have to enter a username and  password (unless it’s a database like Lexis or Westlaw where you have been issued an individual password, those databases have an * in the list). If you are off campus, you will be asked for your full name (Joe Smith) and library barcode number (the long number on the back of your library card below the barcode).

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