Fastcase Announces Free Advance Sheets for EBooks

by Ted McClure 25. June 2012 10:07

Fastcase is putting fresh spin on the old idea of providing advanced sheets of court opinions for Kindle, Android and Nook. Furthermore, Fastcase is providing these eBook Advance Sheets for free.Each book publishes one month’s judicial opinions (designated as published and unpublished) for specific states or courts

  • Available for iPad, Kindle, Android, Nook, and other e-readers
  • 40 volumes published this week, approximately 300 more by the end of the month
  • Advance sheets for each state, federal circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court
  • Volumes begin with summaries of opinions included
  • Fully searchable, with highlights, annotations, bookmarks, and other key features
  • Free, and licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA license.

If you are a student, faculty member, or staff member at Phoenix School of Law, or a member of the Arizona State Bar, you have access to Fastcase.

June/July '12 Book Displays

by Lidia Koelbel 22. June 2012 10:34

After working so hard students deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy a book unrelated to law.  Well, mostly unrelated to law.  Check out the Library's summer book displays!

Fun in the Sun:


and, okay, perhaps there should be some learning during the summer. 

Behold, the History Book Display:


July 2012 Library Special Hours

by Lidia Koelbel 16. June 2012 10:29

            Special 14th Floor Library Hours    


      Tuesday, July 3  8 am – 9 pm    



    Wednesday, July 4  CLOSED     




 **All other days – regular hours**

Accessibility to Electronic Resources Via QR Codes

by Lidia Koelbel 14. June 2012 11:21

What in the name of everything that


is legal are these odd looking


pictures all over my law library?!

These are signs containing QR codes which you can scan with a smart

phone or iPad.


Scanning these codes will link you directly to the electronic book's record

in the Library catalog.


All that is left to do is log into your library record and enjoy the

electronic book right there on your mobile device.


If you do not have a mobile device, you can still access these titles by

following the link printed below the QR code or searching the catalog by



Are cases on Regional Reporters also available electroncially?  It seems

the library only has the Pacific Reporter as far as Regional Reporters.

Yes!  Those cases are conveniently available electronically through

Westlaw and Lexis.  If you are in the Library, you can scan these QR codes

and you will be linked to the Regional Reporters record on the catalog.


Have questions and do not want to walk all the way to the Circulation or

Reference areas?  Scan these barcodes and chat with a Librarian. 

Unfortunately, chat will not work on iProducts because you need Flash. 

Flash and iProducts just don't get along.


Let us get with the times.  Electronic Resources are here and now!!

Workaround for online access to McCormick on Evidence

by Ted McClure 7. June 2012 14:13

Due to a licensing problem, the treatise MCCORMICK ON EVIDENCE, published by West, is no longer available on Westlaw to law schools. Our Westlaw representative has provided us a workaround:

  1. Log on to
  2. Select "Westlaw" to access Westlaw Classic
  3. In the Search for a Database box enter: TP-ALL
  4. Run a Terms & Connectors search for the following: ci(McCormick)

You should receive a result list of 365 documents, all of which are McCormick on Evidence sections.

To narrow it down from there, go to the “Locate in Result” link to the right of the Database entry box on the results page and search for language in the section you are looking for. I did “real evidence” and narrowed it down to eleven sections.

We have the latest print version of McCormick at KF8935 .M292 2006



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