It's Time to Relax

by PSL Law Library 27. May 2011 10:28


Here’s an interesting article I found on BNET regarding how to relieve some of the stress in your life, How to Have a Healthy “Digital Diet”.  The article discusses the new book by Daniel Sieberg, The Digital Diet: The 4-Step plan to break your digital addiction and regain balance in your life.  It suggests that constantly checking your cell phone or logging onto your computer causes stress and can hurt relationships.  Summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind and if you’ve been stressed out lately maybe it’s time for you to experience a “digital diet”.


Onion news from Flagstaff

by Rob 20. May 2011 13:12



How much does WestlawNext cost to use?

by Rob 17. May 2011 15:00

This info-graphic for WestlawNext shows recent pricing for search, browse, print, Keycite, and many other functions for individual customers. Law school access to Westlaw and WestlawNext is paid for by the Law Library.


Fantastic Facts about the 50 States: Websites for State Legal Research

by Ted McClure 13. May 2011 14:48

From Wendy Moore of the University of Georgia School of Law Library. Download PDF here. A survey of websites intended to help you find legal information and resources at the state level.


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Free Public Access to Court Opinions?

by Sarah Prosory 13. May 2011 13:36

An article today from the legal blog Justia called, On PACER and FDSys, points to a recent press release from the US Courts website that describes a pilot project of 12 courts that will provide free public access to court opinions through FDSys (the search engine for government documents). The article also has an excellent explanation of what you can search for on PACER, and discusses how PACER is not exactly free.

The pilot project does not include any courts in Arizona, but hey, at least they're trying!

Those who have taken my SRU workshop on FireFox Legal Add-ons will be especially interested in this development, and how it could effect RECAP!

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