by Ted McClure 29. April 2011 14:53

Resources in the Catalog

by PSL Law Library 29. April 2011 11:28

Most people think of the catalog as a place to find out where books are located.  A title search is conducted and the location and call number is found.  Once this information is gathered the patron steps away from the catalog and perhaps misses an opportunity to discover more materials on a given subject.  In addition to books, CDs & DVDs the catalog contains records to ebooks, microfiche, useful websites and databases.

I located several ebooks on Torts by opening the catalog, selecting the subject tab and conducting a search for Torts.  A subject search of Environmental Law gave me a list of 522 subjects that contain information on Environmental Law.  When I selected Environmental Law Alabama Electronic Information Resources, from the list, I discovered two websites dealing with this subject matter.  Selecting Environmental Law Antarctic Regions, from the list, lead me to several pieces of microfiche.  These searches were quick and easy to run and allowed me to discover more materials than if I had browsed the shelves.

Law Library Catalog

Final Library Loot of the Spring 2011 Semester!

by Sarah Prosory 26. April 2011 08:36

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the final Library Loot of the Spring 2011 semester? We're ending how we began, with a scavenger hunt! This time it will be a bit tricky! There are 3 Golden Tickets you must find.

Instructions: For this scavenger hunt, you need to locate the first Golden Ticket that is within or near the answer from the clue given below. The first Golden Ticket will have the clue to the second Golden Ticket, and the second Golden Ticket will have the clue to the final Golden Ticket. You will need to include the library location and call number on ALL 3 of the Golden Tickets before taking the them to the Circulation Desk to claim your prize.

Here you go...the first clue:

Where in the library can you find the book, The American Bench: Judges of the Nation? Please list call number, location, and most current edition on the Golden Ticket.

This puzzle has been solved!

THE FINE PRINT: Library Loot Puzzle Rules
1.    Puzzles may be completed by current Phoenix School of Law students only.
2.    All library staff members are exempt from participating.
3.    One prize will be given to the first person to complete the puzzle with the correct answer. Even if  more than one person worked towards getting the correct answer, only one prize will be given for the puzzle completed correctly.
4.    Contest rules are subject to change at any time.

Good luck, and thanks to all who played Library Loot this semester!

Reading Week & Finals, Library Hours Extended

by Sarah Prosory 25. April 2011 11:42

Hi all!

In honor of "Reading Week" and to aid in studying for finals, the Library has extended hours starting today and lasting through the next 3 weeks:

Reading Week: Monday-Friday, April 25-29th 2011

7am - Midnight

Normal reference hours

Reading Week: Saturday & Sunday, April 30- May 1st 2011

9am - Midnight

Reference 9am-5pm

Finals: Monday- Friday, May 2-6th 2011

7am - Midnight

Normal reference hours

Finals: Saturday & Sunday, May 7 & 8th 2011

9am - Midnight

Reference 9am-5pm
Finals: Monday- Friday, May 9-13th 2011

7am - Midnight

Normal reference hours
Last Day of Finals: Saturday, May 14th 2011

9am - 5pm

No reference hours


For more information on library hours, visit: www.phoenixlaw.edu/libraryhours

Good luck on your finals!

Library Loot Winner April 12 &19 2011

by Sarah Prosory 22. April 2011 16:22

Congratulations to Nicholas Darus for winning both Library Loot puzzles on April 12th & 19th! Nicholas won a Passing the Bar board game for answering the research question correctly, and won a $10 gift card to Starbucks for solving the word search correctly. Enjoy your prizes, Nicholas!

Next week is the very last Library Loot puzzle for the semester... ending the way we started, with a scavenger hunt. This time there are multiple clues that will take you all over the library!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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