Library Loot! Win Prizes!

by Sarah Prosory 31. January 2011 08:40

Want to win a prize?! Are you ready to test your knowledge of legal research?

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1st 2011 the Law Library will post a new puzzle feature called Library Loot to the Footnotes1 blog each Tuesday. The puzzles will rotate each week in the following order: a scavenger hunt, a research question, and a crossword or word search. To win the Library Loot, the student must follow the instructions based on the puzzle of the week:

·         Scavenger Hunt: A question will be posted on the blog and will involve physically searching the print or microfiche collection in the library. A golden ticket will be placed where the answer is found. The student will take the golden ticket and their answer to Circulation desk, where they may retrieve one item of loot (candy) from the treasure chest if their answer is correct.

·         Research question: A question will be posted on the blog. These questions will be more in depth, and may have many steps involved. The first student to answer the question correctly in the comments section of the blog will be the winner. The student must provide their PSL email address for the librarian to contact them. The loot for this game is one Passing the Bar board game or Bar flashcard set.

·         Crossword or Word Search: A crossword or word search consisting of legal research, law related questions, or vocabulary will be posted on the blog. The first person to bring their correct answer to the Circulation desk will win the loot, which is a $10 gift card.

THE FINE PRINT: Library Loot Puzzle Rules

1.       Puzzles may be completed by current Phoenix School of Law students only.

2.       All library staff members are exempt from participating.

3.       One prize will be given to the first person to complete the puzzle with the correct answer. Even if more than one person worked towards getting the correct answer, only one prize will be given for the puzzle completed correctly.

4. Contest rules are subject to change at anytime.


HAVE FUN!! Good luck!

Social Media and the Law

by Sarah Prosory 28. January 2011 16:07

Things are stirring up when it involves social media and the law...

Check out this article regarding private Facebook posts being mined by defense lawyers. This seems to be a new litigation tactic. Hat tip to Slashdot.  

From reading the article above I discovered Westlaw News & Insight Beta. Looks like a promising place for legal news. Some of the articles have links to Westlaw for ease to view the cases.

And... it appears to have happened yet again, jurors doing their own research. Only this time a librarian juror was a bit too interested in doing her own research for a case. We've discussed this before how jurors are more often doing their own research about a case because it has become so easy for them to do so with their cell phones and Internet capabilities at home. Here's another article I found on this topic.

What do you think should be done? Comment below!

Arizona Declares Judicial Emergency

by Rob 28. January 2011 13:19

The shortage of Judges has become an emergency delaying criminal proceedings up to six months: Article

That's a Trebuchet

by Ted McClure 27. January 2011 16:14

From one of my favorite bloggers, an analysis of the machine used to hurl bales of recreational vegetation across the border from Mexico, at

State of the Union 2011 Trivia

by Sarah Prosory 25. January 2011 12:23

Today President Obama will give the annual State of the Union Address. Here's some trivia about the address:

Watch this awesome video all about the making of the State of the Union Address:

Will you be watching the State of the Union address? It will be on tonight at 7pm here in Arizona.

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